How to prepare for you upcoming service call?

So you have had a problem with your appliance or television and have contacted us for help. Our administrative staff has provided you with a date and approximate timeframe for your service call. Here is how you can best prepare before our technician arrives so that they can do their job in a safe and timely fashion:

You must have your TV or appliance in a serviceable location .

Washers and dryers that are stacked, or worse, stacked inside a closet are not considered a serviceable location. If your units are stacked you must remove the dryer from the top and have it on the floor before our tech arrives in the home. There must be adequate room around the appliance for the technician to move freely and perform the necessary repairs. This includes any surrounding countertops or cabinetry that might have been built around the unit. Our techs are not responsible for deinstallation or reinstallation of the washer or dryer. They will be equipped with an extension cord if necessary for testing the dryer while it is unstacked or removed from it’s original location.Televisions that are mounted on the wall are also not considered to be in a serviceable location and must be taken down prior to the service call.

Other scenarios that can prevent service from taking place are as follows:

  1. Fridges or appliances that are inside garages.
  2. Fridges or dishwashers that can not be pulled out due to custom kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Appliances that are in rooms too small for our techs to disassemble safely.
  4. Appliances that are not located near a power source or water supply if applicable.

If you have a pending service call and you suspect that your unit may be in a unserviceable location please call our office to discuss the details.

Other things you should know before our technician arrives:

  1. The person who will be home at the time of service must be at least 18 years of age for our technician’s to enter the home.
  2. If the unit is under warranty, please have the original bill of sale or receipt available for the technician to verify the warranty coverage.
  3. Please know where to locate the electrical panel or breaker and shut off valves for the water supply are located if they are required.
  4. Please make sure you have a valid form of payment ready. We are able to accept Visa, Mastercard and Cash as forms of payment. No cheques will be accepted as payment.
  5. Please read and understand that our NO FAULT FOUND policy will result in charges if the technician is unable to find an functional issue with the unit or the issue is related to installation, improper care or use regardless of the warranty status. For details click here.
  6. We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment. Any missed appointments will be subject to a $100.00+tax service fee which is expected to be paid prior to scheduling the next appointment.


What to expect when our technician arrives?

When our technician arrives at your home you can expect the following:

  1. Our tech will meet you at your door and introduce himself as an employee of NEAS Inc.
  2. He will cover or remove his footwear as not to dirty your floor or wear boot coverings if preferred.
  3. Once you have led them to the location for the appliance which if necessary, has been moved to a serviceable location, he will assess the situation.
  4. Photos of the unit may be required for our records.

The tech will walk you through any waivers or disclaimers which will need to be signed before service can commence. To view the waivers click here. These waivers will protect our technician from any liability regarding possible unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes a customer’s water valve connected to a washer is rusted out and defective. Sometimes a customer will require us to move a unit located in a scenario where proper steps can not be followed. Sometimes accessing and disassembling new or older units can result in unavoidable damage to other components. All of these scenarios and applicable waivers should be discussed with the customer by our technician prior to

6.  Our technician will assess the unit and let you know the source of the problem and let you know the full cost for repair. If they have the components with them at that time, they will complete the repair after you have given them approval on the price. If additional parts are required we will have to order the parts and return at the next mutually agreed time. performing any service.

What to expect if a return visit is required?

If our tech is unable to complete the service repair with the components on hand they may have to order more parts. In that scenario here is what you can expect:

  1. Our technician or administrative staff will order the part immediately after the service call has taken place and approval on the repair is received.
  2. If the component is in stock then we will usually receive the part within 3 to 5 business days. Once we have the exact ETA on the parts arrival we will contact you to arrange for the next available time to return and complete the repair.
  3. If the part is back ordered through the manufacture we could be delayed for up to 6 weeks and in some cases or longer. While these scenarios are disappointing they are a reality. Rest assured that we will contact you as soon as your part has become available.
  4. If the part is back ordered through the manufacture we can be delayed for up to 6 weeks and in some cases longer.  While these scenarios are disappointing they are a reality. Rest assured that we will contact you as soon as your part has become available again.

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