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Believe it or not, televisions these days have very low failure rates. It is not uncommon for failure rates on LCD televisions to be below 3 percent of all units manufactured. These numbers vary slightly depending on make and model but they have become a very reliable technology. As the “Home Theater” becomes the standard in each home we are seeing that most problems reported are actually related to the components working in conjunction with the television set. 

Can’t stream Netflix on your TV? It’s almost always a home networking error. Picture is just black? Well a great majority of times this problem is either the cable box or home receiver have not been set up properly. If you are having similar issues and are not sure how to fix them please give us a call. 

Our service technicians will be able to help you out. There are some problems that clearly indicate that parts in the television have failed. In these scenarios once you have decided to have the unit fixed, your unit should only be looked at by our trained warranty authorized service technicians


Common Television Problems FAQs

Why TV wont turn on?

In these scenarios this is a clear indication that the television requires repair. Blinking lights are almost always the televisions self diagnostic function. Although the TV is not displaying a picture, it is actually functioning to some degree. It has run through its own internal diagnostics and reported back through the blinking lights. The number of flashes tells us what parts to focus on. While it is not a perfect system it does help us know where to get started.


Why do I have horizontal lines on tv screen?

In these scenarios you are dealing with what could be a few different issues. Either the ribbon cables that connect your panel to your circuit boards is not connected properly or your panel itself is failing. In either scenario you should not attempt to open the television. In this scenario your first call should be to an trained technician. If you attempt to repair the ribbon cables yourself there is a very good chance you will make the problem worse.


How to fix cracked TV screen?

Unfortunately with the creation of the LCD screen we have seen an uptick in calls reported where someone has physically damaged the screen. The modern LCD screen is nowhere near as robust or “strong” as the glass CRT televisions sets or the plastic lenses for the projection sets. While we have seen massive gains in picture quality that has come at a cost. We have had people report that they cracked their screen simply applying too much pressure when cleaning it. YOU NEED TO BE VERY GENTLE with your LCD television set. If you have any questions please feel free to call us when it comes to moving or hanging your unit. In the event you have physically damaged your panel, while you are more than welcome to call for an estimate, it is almost always uneconomical to repair your unit

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