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Today’s Stove/Oven repair demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of advanced electrical systems. At Northern Electronic & Appliance, we train our expert technicians to ensure that we’re able to service almost any stove or oven out there.

Common Stove and Oven Problems FAQs

Why is my oven not heating?

One fault that can occur in your oven could be that either it won’t heat completely or won’t reach proper temperature. Please make sure the oven door closes completely to avoid heat escaping. Also, please keep oven sensor clear of any objects which could affect proper measurements of internal temperature from being read correctly by the circuit board. Most ovens / stoves come with a feature that allows the consumer to recalibrate the oven sensor. If this doesn’t repair the matter, your oven sensor may need replacing. If your oven / stove has convection as a feature, you may experience an issue with no heat since it uses a fan motor to distribute the heat but over time that fan can wear down and fail. Please avoid any objects from touching the ball wall of the oven as this can put pressure on the protective plate that covers the motor and could cause the fan blade to jam and stop all together. If using this feature and you notice that the fan doesn’t turn, your oven / stove may require service. Contact North Electronics and Services NEAS to arrange a service technician.


Why are my electric stove burners not working?

If using your cooktop and you notice that one element is not working, your oven / stove may require service. First check that all elements are secured within their holder brackets under the cooktop especially if you’ve recently cleaned or removed the elements for any other reason. If you are having an issue with one specific element, that element may require replacement. If you are having an issues with all elements, the electronic control board that controls these elements may need replacement.


Why is my gas oven not lighting?

Sometimes you may run into the problem that one of the burners on your gas oven / stove may not light. Please check that all knobs turn together with the valve which will allow the valve to open and transfer the gas through the valve to the burner. If you hear only a clicking noise when trying to turn on the burner but it doesn’t light, the valve for that burner may be defective and requires replacement. Also, try to keep all burners clean and check that all burner caps are secured properly to allow proper transfer of gas to the electrode to spark the burner.


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