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Common Diswasher Problems FAQs

Why is my dishwasher not draining?

The most common fault for a dishwasher is that it might not drain properly or at all. Most often cases there is some form of obstruction in the dishwasher’s drain pump whether it be leftover food items or even broken dishware. It is very important to rinse all food and residue off of the dishes prior to loading the dishwasher. Check to make sure there are no items lodged in the drain pump or drain hose that could be blocking the water from vacating the dishwasher. Generally you can hear the pump trying to drain if it is still working properly but there are cases when the drain pump is no longer functioning. Therefore it could result in the replacement of the drain pump to correct the issue. Make sure that the dishwasher is leveled properly. A dishwasher should be slightly leaning to the back to assist with the proper drainage of the water. If your dishwasher is not draining it is highly recommended to clear out any standing water with a vacuum or bail out with a bucket as it will begin to smell and mold if left for too long. Dishwasher repair cost estimated: $150-$300. Contact our professional staff at NEAS.

Why is my dishwasher leaking?

Sometimes you might notice small or large amounts of water leaking or pooling from the dishwasher. This can be caused by the unit not being levelled properly also. If the dishwasher is leaning forwards, the water will likely be leaking out of the door or front of the dishwasher as it will not be flowing towards the drain to vacate the water. Levelling can be adjusted by simply accessing the levelling legs at the front of the unit and rotating them up or down to the appropriate height. The dishwasher door also might not be closing properly which the water could escape from around the door during the wash cycle. If the door is not closing securely, water is at risk of leaking from the tub seal. It is a good practice to close the door gently and not slamming it as this could damage the door lock. The door could require a new latch/lock is some instances if it is not functioning properly. It is also important to check all clamps and seals of the inlet and drain hoses of the dishwasher. For example if the clamp on the inlet closed is not secured properly, all incoming water could not be reaching the dishwasher but flooding onto your floor or behind your cabinets. This also applies for the drain hose. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$250.

Why is dishwasher not cleaning top rack?

A very common complaint is that the dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly. Most often cases this is due to neglect or poor maintenance of the unit. Dishes must be thoroughly rinsed of all food particles and residue in order to maintain optimal washing performance. Otherwise the food will just be circulating around inside the unit while it is washing and there could be food particles on the dishes after the wash cycle. In other cases, the dishes might not be distributed properly inside the dishwasher causing poor water circulation. For example if the spray arms and nozzles are being blocked by dishware, the water will not be properly dispersed amongst all the dishes. It is good practice to check the drain filter/traps of the dishwasher to clear out an excess food particles or foreign material. This is also an indicator of how well the dishes are being rinsed prior to loading. Also ensure that the dishwasher is being supplied with hot enough water to wash the dishes properly. It is crucial the water is hot for proper wash performance. In some homes it takes longer for hot water to reach the taps therefore it is recommended in some instances to run hot water to the sink prior to starting the wash cycle of the dishwasher. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$200

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