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Today’s Microwave repair work demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of advanced electrical systems. At Northern Electronic & Appliance, we train our expert technicians to ensure that we’re able to service almost any microwave out there.

Common Microwave Problems FAQs

Why is microwave not heating?

One of the reasons your microwave may not heat can be the result of the door not closing properly which can prevent the door switch from engaging and activating the magnetron. Please make sure the microwave is not only levelled but also closes fully. If this doesn’t resolves the issue with your microwave it may require service. The most common repairs can be the replacement of the door switch which can be in between $150-$200 or the magnetron itself which if your microwave was purchased within the last 5 years can be covered by the manufacture and you’ll only be subject to the labor to service your microwave at a cost of $150 if over the range or 60-80 dollars for countertop.


Why is microwave not spinning?

If you notice your microwaves comes on and heats but the turntable doesn’t turn first please check that the tray is sitting properly on the coupler located underneath the tray and it’s sitting leveled. Most microwaves have indents on the bottom of the tray that the coupler will rest in to engage the turntable to turn. Also, please avoid placing heavy items on the tray inside your microwave as this can but too much stress on the coupler and cause it to break since most are made out of plastic. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, get your microwave repair service technician to take a look. Most times, either the coupler needs to be replaced at an approximate repair cost of $100-$120 or the motor itself may require replacement at a cost of $150-$200


Why is microwave buttons not working?

Sometimes you may run into a scenario that your keypad stops functioning or an error will be display on your microwave. This can be the result of a key being pressed for too long which will lock up the keypad and a simple repair tip can be to unplug the microwave and the key will release and the error will disappear. If this doesn’t resolve the error, the only solution will be to replace the control panel. The replacement of the keypad varies by manufacturer but can between a repair cost of $200-$300.

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