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Are you in the Newmarket area and are in need of appliance repairs? At Northern Electronic and Appliance Service Inc., we offer our clients in-home service solutions major household appliances; both gas and electrical. Our clients can expect to receive industry leading service that is professional, reliable, and completed in a timely manner. We work with clients throughout Newmarket and surrounding areas.


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Newmarket Appliance Repair Service

The best way to assure you are not getting overcharged or taken advantage of by some random repairman check out their reviews. We have been in business for over 25 years and you will see dozens of happy reviews from real clients.  Our company has tons of positive reviews and there will always be the squeaky wheel that is never happy but we try our best.  Our reviews are done by real clients.

The repair company’s advertisements should say “licensed and insured” and should also show the company’s license and insurance details. A repair company that is licensed and insured will protect you and your assets. It also shows the company’s commitment to serve excellent service. A company that is committed in serving the best of service and prioritizes customer satisfaction would take the necessary steps in order to look as authoritative as possible and to go beyond their clients’ expectations.

It is advised to hire the repair company that has been in the business for quite some time – a company that has established their brand and became a household name in the area when it comes to appliance repair services. A company that has a long history of satisfactory service in your area is a way better bet than some startup that randomly popped up.

The technician that the company sent to repair your appliances is there to serve you. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask and make sure to listen to their answers. A professional who knows what they are doing will respond to your questions quickly and confidently. A technician who needs to seek the thoughts and answer of someone else or appears uneasy when you ask your questions is a huge red flag.

With the popularity of classified ads sites and social networks, some companies would do whatever it takes to get as many eyeballs as possible. Companies who have a lot of marketing budget have to find a way to get their ad spends back. Chances are, their service fees are way higher than what the market dictates. Yes, they present their business in the best possible light through tons of advertisements but that does not necessarily mean they are the best in the field.

You might want to consider hiring someone from an established local business rather than an unknown technician from a bigger company. Local business Owners like us have a reputation to maintain in your area. Someone from a huge corporation, on the other hand, may not always give the best deals and services.

Appliance repair companies who are confident in their services would usually offer a warranty or some sort of guarantee on their work. Ask if the company has or offer any guarantee; if by chance they don’t, you might want to reconsider your choice.

As technology advances, and as these appliances get smarter, the price keeps getting higher and higher. Not everyone has the ability to repair appliances and not everyone has the capacity to replace them in an instant. Hence it is wiser to seek the help of an appliance repair company in Newmarket to assist you.

When you partner with the team at NEAS, you automatically benefit from our guarantee. As part of our reliable appliance repair solutions, clients are given a 90-day warranty on any parts used and a 30-day labour warranty for any work carried out. Should you have any concerns or questions in relation to our services or the repair work that’s been done on your appliances, please let us know.  We make it a priority to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with the service from our appliance repair Technicians in Newmarket, and your feedback helps us achieve just that. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with the service that’s offered at all times.

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