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Today’s Dryer repair work demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of advanced electrical systems. At Northern Electronic & Appliance, we train our expert technicians to ensure that we’re able to service almost any dryer out there

Common Dryer Problems FAQs

Why is my dryer not heating up?

The most common failure of a dryer is that it is not heating or drying properly. This could be due to lint blockage in the venting system of the dryer. It is important to clear the lint build up not only in the lint trap but at the exterior vent outside of the home regularly. If there are too many 90-degree bends in your vent lines this could also lead to greater risk for lint blockage. If excessive lint has built up, the heat might not be venting properly from the dryer and could result in a blown thermostat. When the thermostat is not functioning the dryer will not be able to regulate the temperature properly therefore it could still run the cycle but it will not be heating adequately. In other cases the heating element could not be functioning properly. This could result in replacement of one of many thermostats inside the dryer or the heater. It is also important to ensure there is an adequate 240V reaching the receptacle the dryer is plugged into in order for it to function properly. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-300

Why is my dryer not spinning?

If the drum motor is not functioning properly or seized you might notice that the dryer drum does not rotate properly or at all. Like any moving mechanical part there is common wear and tear due to excessive use. The motor or bearing could be seized and require maintenance or replacement. This could result in the clothes not drying properly also as they are not tumbling allowing the heat to be distributed amongst the items inside the dryer. Again, if adequate voltage is not reaching the dryer’s receptacle it might not turn on or function properly. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$350

Why is my dryer not drying?

The dryer cycle could run for longer than usual in instances that it is not being supplied with enough heat to dry the articles. Similar to other failures, this is generally due to excessive lint build up in the vents or a blown thermostat. If the heating element is not heating properly or the adequate voltage is not being supplied, it will not dry properly either causing the cycle to continue running. There could also be a failure in the electronic control of the unit for these cases. If the control board is not functioning properly the unit could begin acting irregular by excessive cycles, not starting cycles or stopping in the middle of a cycle before completely finished. The replacement of the control board could be required or like other faults, the thermostats or heater could also be failing. Estimated appliance repair costs: $150-$300. Contact our professional team at NEAS.

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