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Today’s Washing Machine repair work demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of advanced electrical systems. At Northern Electronic & Appliance, we train our expert technicians to ensure that we’re able to service almost any Washing Machine out there.

Common Washing Machine Problems FAQs

Why is washer not draining?

The most common fault for a washing machine is that it is not draining properly or at all. This could be due to a failure of the drain pump in often cases which would require replacement. In other instances there could be an obstruction in the pump or drain hose that could prevent the water from vacating the unit properly. Many times people will forget articles in their pockets before beginning a wash cycle such as loose change or other small items that could become lodged in the drain pump or drain hose. In more extreme scenarios, the drain hose could require replacement if the blockage cannot be cleared. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$250 Contact our team at NEAS to have your appliances served.

Why does washing machine making noise when spinning?

If your washing machine is making lots of noise or excessively vibrating you could have a very minor or very major problem. On the minor side it could just require levelling. If it is not sitting on the floor properly it will shake excessively by rocking back and forth as the clothes will not be agitating evenly inside the wash tub. This could cause a build-up of clothing articles to one side of the unit. It is also recommended that the washing machine be located on a very secure/stable base to avoid excessive vibration. Dampening pads can be used to reduce the amount of noise/vibration if necessary. It is also important to avoid overloading the washing machine with excessively large loads. This could damage the suspension rods of the rub and cause catastrophic damages to the unit. If the wash tub becomes damaged this would result in a major repair. Once the tub is dislodged and the cycle continues to run, it could damage other components inside the washing machine. In these scenarios the entire inner, outer and front of the wash tub will require replacement along with the door gasket in most cases. Hard water is also a major component to damaging the inner workings of the washing machine as it causes more wear and corrosion on the unit. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$600

Why is washing machine Leaking?

A washing machine could leak for many different reasons. Most commonly it is due to a bad seal or loose connection. Water lines and drain hoses can become detached from vibration or due to a backup that has caused strain on the lines. Other cases the hoses could be damaged/broken which would cause water leakage or the hose clamps could be loose. If the door gasket is not sealing properly with the door, water could leak from the washing machine door. It is important to keep the door gasket clean of any foreign materials to ensure a secure seal of the washer door. This could result in the replacement of one or multiple hoses/water lines or even the door gasket. Leaks can also be caused by other failures which could require a technical diagnostic to determine the root cause. It is good practice to leave the washer door open after a load is done to allow the inside of the tub and gasket to dry and avoid mold build-up or foul odours. It is also important to refer to the recommended usage amount of detergent indicated for the specific washing machine especially if it is a high-efficiency unit. Using the appropriate detergent and recommended amount could avoid excessive soap build-up inside the unit. This could eventually cause issues like leaks, poor cleaning performance and excessive suds. Estimated Repair Cost: $150-$300

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