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Appliance Repair Service

We here at NEAS INC. are standing by to assist you with your service needs. We understand that when an appliance or electronic product fails you can experience frustration and disappointment. We understand this and hope that our professional team of admin and technical members can get you back up and operational quickly, with as little cost to you as possible.

If you decline an estimate, your trip and diagnosis payment is valid for 30 days from receipt. You have 30 days to approve an estimate. If you call outside of those initial 30 days to approve an estimate, your repair might be subject to a second diagnosis fee.

Cost of Labor: Our labor diagnoses are based on the job required of our technician. Our labor rates are based off industry standards and not on an hourly basis. Our technicians are trained professionals who undergo yearly training and have our entire organization’s support on the field. We stand behind our work and are 100% insured. Each truck is stocked with commonly used parts and we provide every technician with top of the line technology in order to deliver service that is efficient and effective.

Parts: We use parts pricing directly given by manufacture authorized parts distributors.

Warranty: Our COD work is backed by a 90 day warranty on PARTS and 30 day warranty on LABOR. Our in warranty work is subject to the terms of your original purchase.