Eliminate Those Nasty Refrigerator Odors

Are you greeted by a foul smell when you open your fridge? Nasty odors are the worst, particularly when they’re coming from your main food source.  So how can you keep these unpleasant scents away? Our Barrie appliance experts share some great tips on maintaining a fresh fridge:

Keep Containers Closed

The easiest way to prevent odors is to stop them from occurring before they start. If your food isn’t contained properly, it can quickly release odors that spread throughout the fridge’s surface.  If you have any perishable foods stored in your fridge, always be sure that it’s secured in a sealed bag, saran wrap, plastic bag, or Tupperware of some sort. All bottles and jars should also be firmly closed. If there are noticeable leaks, these should be wiped away immediately.

Toss Away Old Food

As leftovers begin to pile up, it can be difficult to differentiate what’s new and what’s well past its prime, right? In an effort to remember when to throw out the bad food, we recommend that you label any leftovers with the date they were made. Make a point of checking your leftovers regularly if they’ve sitting there for more than a day or two; this is especially important for dairy products, meat, and vegetables as they spoil quickly, leading to awful smells. Another food group we often overlook is the ever necessary condiments department! You should be going through these periodically to toss the expired dressings and sauces. They will eventually cause odor and they are only taking up space in your fridge if they are no longer usable.

Clean Regularly

If the odor is lingering even after tossing your bad food away, you might have odorous particles throughout the shelves of your fridge. This is a sure sign that it is time for a full, thorough cleaning.

  • Take out all contents and store in an alternative cold receptacle (i.e. another fridge or cooler).
  • Soak your racks and drawers in the kitchen, and fill your sink with water and a cup of baking soda.
  • Use a baking soda & water combination to clean the surfaces of your refrigerator, as well as the door seal. Remember to clean the drip tray that is situated on the outside bottom of your fridge.

Turn to Odor Absorbents

There are various household items that are great for absorbing odors. Try using baking soda, vinegar, oats, fresh dry coffee grounds, activated charcoal, or even unscented chlorophyll cat litter. If you leave a bowl of oats or a cup of vinegar in an empty fridge for just a few hours can make a significant difference.  Consider keeping an open box of baking soda in your fridge and replace it every few months, based on the smell emitting from your fridge; it’s a great habit that’s easy, and will work!

Cover Up Scents

If you can get your fridge smell from a major to a minor odor, it may be easy enough to cover up the last of that scent. Vanilla extract, lemon juice, and peppermint oil are all pleasant and natural scents that work well to cover odors. Each of these is an effective cleaning agent so you can use them to wipe down your surfaces or even soak a cotton ball and leave it in the fridge to act as an air freshener.

If you’re still having issues, it may be in relation to the temperature of your fridge. Our qualified team offers refrigerator repair to solve many issues. Be sure to review our list of common problems with refrigerators, for tips and recommendations. As always, you may reach out to our team to schedule service at Northern Electronic and Appliance Services