Maintenance Tips for your Washer

Water-fill Hoses With time, the water hoses connected to your washing machine may be prone to leaking, and in some cases, they can burst entirely. As a smart preventative measure, we recommend that you check hoses periodically for any noticeable signs of wear. In most cases, you’ll notice a small blister in the rubber of

Eliminate Those Nasty Refrigerator Odors

Are you greeted by a foul smell when you open your fridge? Nasty odors are the worst, particularly when they’re coming from your main food source.  So how can you keep these unpleasant scents away? Our Barrie appliance experts share some great tips on maintaining a fresh fridge:   Keep Containers Closed The easiest way

Is Your Television Acting Up

After a long, hectic day in the office, all you want to do is get home as quickly as possible, curl up on your couch with a good book, or better yet watch your favorite TV show with a glass of wine. There is one small but crucial problem that could quickly compromise your plans,